VIP Beauty Sale!

Sales on beauty products, specially entire lines of beauty products, are a rare bird in the wild. Over the weekend Macy’s was having a huge sale with a 15% discount on almost all the cosmetics they carried (Chanel was the only exclusion). This sale has now been extended through today (to midnight PST)

Although I shop at Macy’s from time to time, I really am partial to Nordstrom for their convenient free shipping and return policies. Luckily, Nordys is doing price matching for any product they carry included in the Macy’s sale!

I rounded up a list of products that I’ve mentioned on this blog and use regularly. If you were considering any of them, definitely take advantage and get them in this sale:

Some other products that are highly recommended by myself and my friends but I haven’t tried yet/haven’t tried recently:

Shop the full sale here at Nordstrom or here at Macy’s!


ModCloth Stylish Surprise is On!

Super cute bird shirt I got for Stylish Surprise last year!

Just a quick post to let everyone know that ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise sale has launched once again. This sale occurs 2-3 times every year as a way for ModCloth to clear some of their extra stock. It’s a great way to get their clothes at a deeply discounted price, but also lots of fun to open up a surprise.

For more info about Stylish Surprise, check out my blog post and unboxing video from last fall!

At time of writing, it looks like the shoes and housewares are already sold out, but there are still many sizes left in the dress and apparel categories, along with accessories.

Although I will not be participating this time (trust me–my closet is already packed to the brim), it is something that I recommend if you love ModCloth’s clothes and also love surprises.

Buxom “License to Chill” $10 Beauty Set

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! Hope you all had a great weekend of eating, drinking, being merry, and maybe even doing some shopping.

Regardless of your opinion about our subsequent “holiday” Black Friday, you have to admit that there are some pretty amazing deals to be found, especially for things that never go on sale–like beauty products. Over the weekend I saw markdowns from many major brands (Benefit and Giorgio Armani, to name a couple). However, what I was really looking forward to was snagging some great gift sets from Sephora.

Sephora carries gift sets year round for everything ranging from makeup to skincare to fragrance. These are a great way to save money on the cost of buying all the items individually, but they can still be expensive, many costing over $100. During the holidays, Sephora releases a large variety of gift sets for the $10-$25 range. These usually contain 2-4 items, typically mini versions of retail products.

Last year I picked up a bunch of these sets, both to gift to friends and co-workers, and also for myself to try out new products. The products ranged from things like Tocca fragrances to LivingProof hair products to Smashbox primers. Unfortunately, year after year more and more of the items are in the $15-$25 range. Alas, what is a bargain hunter to do?

Luckily, I was able to score a couple $10 sets this weekend, and I wanted to share one of them with you: the Buxom “License to Chill” 3-piece eye and lip collection.


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Weekend Haul: Tax-Free Shopping! (VIDEO)

Hey my beautiful people of the internet! Thanks for sticking with me through my sporadic posting. Med school is no joke but, as with anything in life, one must make time for the things that they love. For me, that includes shopping and blogging.

I recently had a day off to take a short trip with some friends. I live somewhere where we pay loads of sales tax. When I travel to places with no sales tax on clothing, I like to take advantage. It feels like getting deals upon deals!

We hit up a few stores throughout the trip and I got really excited to show you my finds. Hope you enjoy this haul video!

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Unboxing: Shore Projects Watch Box Set (VIDEO)

Hey everyone! With school in full swing I haven’t had very much time to post, but I am definitely going to try to post at least once a month because, there’s just too many awesome things to talk about!

Today I wanted to share with you a new brand I just discovered through Nordstrom. This watch set was on sale during the Anniversary Sale this summer, but went on even more discount after the summer.

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ModCloth Stylish Surprise Unboxing and Try-On!

For more info about Stylish Surprise, check out this post!

Let’s celebrate getting to the end of the week by doing one of my favorite activities: trying on new clothes!

The items: (I wasn’t able to find the stylish surprise items on Modcloth’s website, but here’s at least the non-surprise items)

  1. Chef Executive Officer Top
  2. Pointelle the Way Cardigan in Ash

I think I had a pretty successful haul this time around, but what do you guys think?

ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

Just a quick post this morning to inform everyone of Modcloth’s Stylish Surprise sale! A few times a year, Modcloth will offer several categories of surprise items at a greatly discounted price. All you do is choose the category and size!

Dresses go for $20, Apparel (can be coats, tops, or bottoms) go to $15, and shoes go for $10. There was also a home/apartment category that I missed out on (it was sold out within minutes of the sale launch!). Sometimes, there is also an accessory category, although I didn’t see that this time. Be aware that all sales are final. If something doesn’t work out for you, you may consider selling it to other users or giving it to a friend!

This time around I ordered two apparel items and one pair of shoes. When the shipment comes, I’ll do an unboxing to show you what I got!

ModCloth Haul! (Video + Pics)

Happy Hump Day! I just received my latest order from ModCloth, where I took advantage of a great 50% off discount for select items. Although this sale is now over, Modcloth has special promotions going on almost every week, so make sure to look out for them and take advantage! Remember to also check the sale section, to which new stuff gets added every Monday morning.

I made a quick haul video to show you what everything looks like in person!

Try-on pics after the jump!

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Eye Makeup Remover: Bioderma vs. Caudalie

Before discovering the brand Bioderma, I hated taking off eye makeup. It seemed like every brand I tried was skin-drying and/or stung my eyes. I think I actively resisted wearing eye makeup for years solely to avoid the ordeal of taking it off.

Source: L’Observatoire des Cosmetiques

I found a miracle product in Bioderma Crealine Micellar Water (named “Sensibio” in English countries), which I picked up in my travels to Paris. Bioderma is all the rage over there, and for good reason: it is effective, gentle on the skin, and won’t break the bank. It worked like a dream, and I was suddenly able to load up layers of shadow, liner, and mascara without having to scrub it off at the end of the night.

The only caveat? Bioderma is much more expensive in the US than in France. A 250ml bottle cost about 3-4 euros there. Although it’s not currently available through Amazon, on the link above (Beautylish) it goes for $17 ($12 + $5 shipping) for a 250ml bottle.

Although this isn’t a bad price, I so hoped there was an alternative for whenever I ran out of my now-precious drops of micellar water. Continue reading “Eye Makeup Remover: Bioderma vs. Caudalie”

What I love about: ModCloth

I’d been shopping on the online retailer ModCloth for years before I finally learned the story behind the company, and I love it even more now. For those that are curious, there is a video of ModCloth founder Susan Koger giving a guest lecture at Stanford University on how her unconventional methods led to success. I highly recommend it for anyone with an interest in business and/or fashion. For those that don’t have the time to get through the whole thing, allow me to summarize it for you  Continue reading “What I love about: ModCloth”