#NSALE Try-Ons Part 2

Happy Monday! With less than a week to go before the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends, it’s time to buckle down and get those items you’ve had lingering in your shopping basket. I shopped the first couple days of the sale and it took until now for all my items (the ones that weren’t cancelled, anyway) to arrive. Surprisingly, there actually wasn’t anything in this batch that was atrociously bad like there was in my first try-on haul, and a couple things I really liked!

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#NSale Try-Ons Part 1!

There will come a day when I will post about something other than the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…but today is not that day.

Today, I am sharing some try on photos of the first wave of shipments that arrived. There was a ton of great stuff and then there was some stuff I really hated. I show most of it here but there were a couple things so bad I didn’t even deem worthy to be photographed.

Since most of the bottoms that I had ordered are delayed in the mail, I decided to pair most things with a pair of TopShop Jamie jeans (in indigo)–similar to these ones in the sale, as well as these BP. Tonya Open Toe Mules (in blush). Sorry in advance about my slightly grimy mirror!

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#NSALE: Public Access Starts TONIGHT!


From tomorrow (July 20th) until August 5th, the hyped Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will be open to non-cardholders (and cardholders). Unfortunately, many items have long sold out or only are available in a few colors and sizes.

For those of you eagerly anticipating your turn at the good merch, I’ve updated my original list of picks to only include items that still have plenty of options in stock, and also added a few new picks (in green!)

If there’s something you had your eye on that is sold out, fear not. Every year there seem to be a ton of restocks the first day of Public Access. There will also be restocks randomly throughout the rest of the sale as people start returning things. In addition, I’ve had occasional success finding sold out items by shopping in store.

To be honest, at this point most of the stuff I ordered still hasn’t arrived yet, and I also haven’t had ample time to try out the things that have arrived. I’ll hopefully be able to give a final verdict on everything by the end of next week!

Onto the stuff!

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