VIP Beauty Sale!

Sales on beauty products, specially entire lines of beauty products, are a rare bird in the wild. Over the weekend Macy’s was having a huge sale with a 15% discount on almost all the cosmetics they carried (Chanel was the only exclusion). This sale has now been extended through today (to midnight PST)

Although I shop at Macy’s from time to time, I really am partial to Nordstrom for their convenient free shipping and return policies. Luckily, Nordys is doing price matching for any product they carry included in the Macy’s sale!

I rounded up a list of products that I’ve mentioned on this blog and use regularly. If you were considering any of them, definitely take advantage and get them in this sale:

Some other products that are highly recommended by myself and my friends but I haven’t tried yet/haven’t tried recently:

Shop the full sale here at Nordstrom or here at Macy’s!


Weekend Haul: Tax-Free Shopping! (VIDEO)

Hey my beautiful people of the internet! Thanks for sticking with me through my sporadic posting. Med school is no joke but, as with anything in life, one must make time for the things that they love. For me, that includes shopping and blogging.

I recently had a day off to take a short trip with some friends. I live somewhere where we pay loads of sales tax. When I travel to places with no sales tax on clothing, I like to take advantage. It feels like getting deals upon deals!

We hit up a few stores throughout the trip and I got really excited to show you my finds. Hope you enjoy this haul video!

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Unboxing: Shore Projects Watch Box Set (VIDEO)

Hey everyone! With school in full swing I haven’t had very much time to post, but I am definitely going to try to post at least once a month because, there’s just too many awesome things to talk about!

Today I wanted to share with you a new brand I just discovered through Nordstrom. This watch set was on sale during the Anniversary Sale this summer, but went on even more discount after the summer.

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Trunk Club #2: Unboxing and Try-On (Video)

For an intro to Trunk Club, read this!

Just got my 2nd trunk! There’s a lot of great stuff in this box, and I even decided to include a try-on so you can see what the clothes look like on a person! Check out the video below, and keep reading for links to all the products:

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Clear the Rack @ Nordstrom Rack

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 1.47.05 AM
Source: Nordstrom Rack

It’s that time again! This weekend marks another Clear the Rack sale at Nordstrom Rack, where you will receive an additional 25% off clearance items. It’s one of my favorite sales and happens about once every 2 months, so I always try to make it in. I don’t find something every time, but over the years I’ve scored some of the best deals I’ve ever seen during CTR.

The store started implementing this sale within the last 5 years or so, and over time it has only gotten more popular. Nowadays, Racks flood with people throughout CTR weekend creating atrociously long lines for fitting rooms and checkout.

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Trunk Club Unboxing! (Video + Review)

Source: Trunk Club

Several of my friends use the styling service Stitch Fix, which has provided them some beautiful wardrobe pieces as well as a fun monthly diversion.

I love to shop, but I also like the idea of having someone else pick out clothes and send them to me to try on in the comfort of my own home. I want to push myself to try new things I may otherwise pass over in the store.

Not having a steady source of income, I passed on Stitch Fix and the $20 styling fee they charge each month (which is applied toward purchase of the clothes they send). I intended to use this service for refreshing my wardrobe and for once-in-a-while special occasions. For people like me, there is Trunk Club.

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Don’t know what #NSale is? Check out this post!

Not pictured: Boxes of online orders (more than I’d like to admit!)

Just in time for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opening up to non-cardholders, I wanted to share some of the things I got from the sale, as well as some other recommendations for things I don’t personally need right now. A few of these items are currently out of stock, but if you have your heart set on something, be sure to bookmark and check back often as items get returned and restocked. Also check in your local Nordstrom store as their stock varies widely from the site.

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