Review: Benefit Cheek Parade Palette (Video + Demo)

Benefit Cosmetics is a brand I’ve followed for a long time but never really subscribed to. Once upon a time, I was an avid user of their Dallas blush, but haven’t really used any of Benefit’s products for many years.

Until last month, when a friend generously gifted me with the Benefit Cheek Parade Blush/Bronzer Palette. The set, which was released in April 2017 to much hype, contains 5 different colors and a small applicator brush.

The included colors are:

  • Hoola
  • Hoola Lite (New!)
  • Galifornia (New!)
  • Dandelion
  • Rockateur

I finally had the chance to sit down, try out the products, and give it a proper review. Check it out below!



Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift: Tarte Makeup Set (VIDEO)

Sephora’s Beauty Insider rewards program is free to join and comes with the awesome perk of receiving a beauty gift during your birthday month. This year, members got to choose between a skincare set by Caudalie and a makeup set by Tarte (there is also a men’s skincare kit, only available online)

I was excited to try out the Tarte makeup kit this year, which includes their 12-hour Amazonian Clay Blush in Paaarty and their Tarteist Lip Paint in Birthday Suit.

Check out my video review and demo of these two products!

Sample Sunday: NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer (vs. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer)

Source: Sephora

When NARS first announced their Soft Matte Complete Concealer, I was initially only half excited: Excited for the “complete coverage” part, but not so jazzed about the “matte” part. My skin tends to lean on the drier side, so matte products usually make those pesky dry patches emerge out of their hiding place.

But, because I’m a sucker for NARS products, i decided to give this one a try anyway and headed to get some samples.


Much to my surprise, the counter at my local Nordstrom had prepackaged samples ready, with four different shades to boot! Wouldn’t it be great if all samples were like this and you could try out the entire spectrum of colors in the comfort of your own home? Continue reading “Sample Sunday: NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer (vs. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer)”

Review + Demo: Philosophy Microdelivery Detoxifying Oxygen Peel

Philosophy may be in a contest with themselves to have the longest product names ever (Purity Made Simple Facial Cleansing Gel & Eye Makeup Remover, Renewed Hope in a Jar Overnight Recharging & Refining Moisturizer, etc, etc). Combined with their package design that incorporates usage instructions and inspirational sayings, there’s just a lot of reading involved when it comes to this brand.

But I digress.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 11.16.57 AM.png
Source: QVC

The product I will be reviewing today is the Philosophy Microdelivery Detoxifying Oxygen Peel. From doing a little research it looks like this is relatively new product, having launched just about a year ago. Continue reading “Review + Demo: Philosophy Microdelivery Detoxifying Oxygen Peel”

How To: Easy Routine for Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes (Video)

It’s like wearing a retainer. You know it’s good for you but no one does it quite often as they should.

Cleaning your makeup brush regularly is the best way to ensure the life of your products. It helps your makeup apply more evenly and prevents contaminating the skin with oil, dirt, or bacteria. In an ideal world, you’d be able to clean your brushes after every use. However, in today’s busy world, ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, you should aim to give your brushes a thorough cleanse about once every 2 weeks.

I used to loathe brush cleaning because cleaning even one brush seemed to take forever. I would used my fingers in a claw-like position to work soap into the bristles. However, no matter how long I agitated it for, it seemed like there was always more where that came from. I just couldn’t get all the makeup out.

It wasn’t until I started using a brush scrubber that I really began to see results. And I found that, although I still didn’t “look forward” to brush cleaning day, I eagerly anticipated the joy of seeing my brushes like new again.

I use this egg-style scrubber that I found on Amazon. There are many similar ones on Amazon and in retail stores these days, but this one has been working well for me so far.

I wrote out the instructions but then realized some steps may just be easier to see in video form. You’re spoiled for choice today because I’ve included both the video and the written instructions below (after the jump). Don’t say I never did anything for you.

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HOW TO: Add extra holes to a belt!

One of my goals for the new year is to be less wasteful — buy fewer things, but also throw away fewer things.

Last year I was thisclose to throwing away one of my favorite leather belts that had stretched out beyond use, when I came across a blog post on DIY leather hole punching. When it comes to fashion, I am not big on DIY because I am no good with a needle and thread or sewing machine. But this seemed so easy even I could do it.

The method uses just a few simple tools for professional-looking results. Check out the video below for a live demo!


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Sample Sunday: First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

Happy Sunday! Today I am trying out a sample of this facial cleanser I received at my last visit to Sephora. First Aid Beauty is a brand I’d heard a lot from friends, but I’ve never tried any of their products before. The product comes in 1oz-8oz containers priced at $5.50-$30 each.

Source: Sephora

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Review + Demo: Anastasia Brow Studio Set

I snagged this Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Kit at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale (now over…*tears*) and was excited to try out the three products included: dipbrow pomade, brow brush w/ spoolie, and brow gel. Now, after having used all these for a couple weeks, I’m ready to share my thoughts!

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