Hey world! My name is Lucy and I am a full-time medical student. I am also a lover of fashion, beauty, and deals. Someday, I hope to change the world with my prowess as a physician, and look fabulous doing so. But as much as I would love to have a closet like Dr. Mindy Lahiri of The Mindy Project, my loans and modest student budget will prevent this for at least the next decade. Also, Dr. Mindy is fictional so who knows how realistic her massive closet is, anyway?

HOWEVER, living on a tight budget does not mean that I have to live in sweatpants, t-shirts, and flip flops. As a student in a professional field, I aim to present a polished demeanor for peers and patients alike. This blog is dedicated to share the joys and struggles of staying stylish as a student, and along the way, share the tips and tricks I’ve learned from years as a bargain shopper. Let’s class up the joint!