Anthropologie Tag Sale: Info + Haul

I originally filmed a video to accompany this post but have found it difficult to upload where I am on vacation right now. So here’s a post instead, and perhaps I’ll get the video up sometime later after I get back!

UPDATE: After a handful of attempts, I was able to get the video up and running!

I feel as if, for every person that worships Anthropologie religiously, there’s someone who detests it vehemently. I understand both viewpoints: on one hand, their stuff is beautiful and rather unique: they focus on the statement pieces rather than the basics, and sell things we can’t find in department stores. On the other hand, most of the time it is prohibitively expensive and also represents a culture of commercializing the aesthetic of independent artisans.

What I’ve discovered over the years, however, are a couple things. First, Anthropologie does carry a few brands which can be considered more “commercial” and a source for mass-produced clothing. But, many of the pieces they feature are made by smaller, independent labels. It’s a great way to discover new brands and support their work even after their merchandise leaves Anthropologie.

Second, Anthropologie has sales all the time. It used to be that things only got marked down a little bit, resulting in prices that were still unpalatably high. However, in recent years this has been changing. It is now not just possible, but feasible, to buy great stuff at a huge discount.

Anthropologie’s Tag Sale is a great time to take advantage of their discounts. Tag Sales involve taking an additional discount off already reduced prices. The additional discount ranges from 20%-40%, and sales occur every 1-2 months. The most recent ones have seemed to last for multiple weeks.

For their summer tag sale (which is still going on now), the additional discount is 30%. I typically like to shop in store, since it’s easier to find items which are the last of a color/size, which are typically marked down even more because of that. However, this time I was out of town when the sale started so I shopped it online instead. There was still a ton of great stuff at a huge discount, and I was very happy with what I ended up getting.

The current Tag Sale is still going on with tons of great stuff, especially things summer items that can be worn right away! Although most of the things in my haul are now out of stock, my intent in showing you my haul is to demonstrate the kind of things that you can get at very deep discounts.


Seville Knotted Heels (in Rose Suede) | Orig. $148 | Sale $34.97 : I got these because they looked like a light dusty (millenial) pink on the website. However, when they arrived, they were quite a bit darker. I didn’t hate the color, but there’s the other problem that they are just a skosh too long on my feet. Still on the fence about keeping these.



Mahalia Kimono Cardigan (in neutral motif) | Orig. $118 | Sale $20.97 : Picked these up in the neutral motif color. It is a drapey crop open cardigan with a thicker weave and neutral stripe pattern. The sleeves are bell-shaped for a touch of flair in an otherwise plain cardigan. I personally love it, and am excited to use this to drape over during cool summer nights.



Eliot Popover Blouse (in neutral motif)| Orig. $78 | Sale $13.97 : Absolutely loved this piece and wore it the day after getting it. The print is adorable and fun and the bell sleeves just add to that. The light linen material was perfectly breezy for the hot summer day.



Flutter Thistle Tee| Orig. $58 | Sale $20.97 : The embroidery on this piece is gorgeous, down to the little bee. I ended up not keeping this because the relaxed trapeze fit of this just wasn’t flattering on me. However, my roommate, who has much more structured shoulders, loved it on her and scooped it right up from me!



Indigo Mockneck Tank | Orig. $58 | Sale $13.97 : This was a fun little piece, made of thicker fabric and a stripe pattern. I like that Anthro has a petites department but find that it’s usually sold out by the time something goes to sale. Although I did like how this looked on, something about it just looked a little off on my frame. But it ended up looking fantastic on my roommate so I was happy to pass it on to her.



Millie Sunglasses | Orig. $38 | Sale $13.97 : When I saw these on the website I became very curious if they were the same ones as a pair I already own. I purchased this pair from Nordstrom a year ago after getting the recommendation from Jean at Extra Petite, who noted that these frames were well-suited for Asian faces. I loved them and wore them so much that one of the screws came out. I haven’t gotten around to getting them fixed and they’re long sold out at Nordstrom. The description page for these showed no indication that these were the same brand, so I ordered them just in case they were. To my pleasant surprise, they were indeed the exact brand and design. I was delighted to be able to wear these again, and for probably less trouble than if I had tried to get the old ones fixed.


One more thing (picked up in store):


Wildflower Study Apron | Orig. $34 | Sale $13.97 : Snagged this one for my mom’s birthday when I saw the sale was still going on after I returned on town. I love that Anthropologie sells aprons because it can be difficult to find cute ones, but the ones at Anthro are always cute. I looked at a few of the ones that were on sale but chose this one for the pattern, fabric, and the cut. One gripe I have about many Anthro aprons is that the torso panel is cut very narrow, so people with wider ribcages and large busts start popping out the sides, which 1) results in less coverage/protection and 2) looks very unflattering. This one was the least offending out of the others available. Plus, I liked that the fabric was more lightweight and more flowy.





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