Influenster Review Spree #6

As we get to the home stretch of this review spree, we also arrive at the home stretch of this week. Weekends in medical school are less like weekends and more like cram sessions for Monday exams. However, I like to allow myself some TLC on Friday nights before diving headfirst into the books.

Today i will be reviewing the 7th Heaven Soften Sock Masques. If you’ve ever had a paraffin dip during a nail salon pedicure, this is basically like that with lotion substituted for wax.

The socks are made of thin plastic and very roomy to be able to accommodate all shoe sizes. They are lined with a thin layer of product on the insides. The tabs have an adhesive backing is is used to secure the socks around the ankles.

If you look closely you can see the layer of product on the inside of the sock

Today I deemed my feet/legs in acceptable condition to show on camera but doubt it’ll show much of a difference.

In they go, for 15-20 minutes.

…and out they come! I did not wipe or rinse off any residual product, and just let it air dry over the next few minutes.

As expected, they look pretty much the same…but they FEEL much better!

I have to say, my feet felt incredibly soft afterwards. I can’t say I pay too much attention to my feet and foot care, but even I could tell that this product made a huge difference. They felt so soft that, had it not been midnight by the time I was done with this process, it would’ve be a perfect time to paint my toenails.

Conclusion: After using this, I went to check the price on WalMart’s website (which is the only place that currently seems to sell this item). At $3.94 apiece, the sock masques are relatively affordable as a every once in a while thing, but not something to do on a weekly basis. They are fun and easy to use and Ithink they are definitely worth trying if and only if you are not a conscientious objector to shopping at WalMart. This is a good product, but not worth crossing the picket line for.


*Disclaimer: I received this product for free for testing and review purposes. All opinions are my own*


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