Influenster Review Spree #5

Full speed toward the weekend! Today’s review from the Influenster Poppy Voxbox is the Rimmel Oh My Gloss! Lip Gloss. I was sent the color Pop Poppy (appropriately).

From reading other reviews it looks like this gloss also doubles as a lip oil for when you want a pigmented but less glossy look.

Upon doing a swatch on my hand, the color was bold but was pretty subtle where the layer was thin/spread. At first I definitely doubted how much color would actually how up on my lips compared to the level of glossy shine.


1 coat later:

I actually really liked the way this looked as a gloss, and I’m not one to really like glossy lips. Like all glosses, it did have the problem of sticking to my hair, which is especially challenging as a long-haired individual. However, that’s a problem that won’t be easily solved without some black magic engineering.

After blotting:

I blotted with a tissue to remove the glossy layer and reveal the lip oil underneath. I actually really loved this subtle look and think the color still stayed on well.

Over the course of the day I didn’t check my makeup every hour, but I know that around 4 hours past, there wasn’t much left of the color. This wasn’t totally unexpected, as the product is not being marketed as being long-lasting. However, it is something to consider when putting this product in your makeup rotation–how often do I want to be checking and reapplying?

I would also like to comment that this gloss has a delightful if fake-smelling fruity scent to it, and while that’s not a typical draw for me in a lip product, I gladly welcome it to add a burst of joy to my day.

Conclusion: I think this is a great product and am interested to try other colors in the line. It looks great and is buildable as well as un-buildable (hmmm…what’s the opposite of buildable? Comment if you can help a girl out!). However, because of my life as a busy student, I am not someone who has time to be checking their lipstick every hour, and depend on longwear products for just this reason. This will be a product that I can save for fun days off school.


*Disclaimer: I received this product for free for testing and review purposes. All opinions are my own*


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