Influenster Review Spree #4

We have reached hump day! On days like this my skin needs a pick me up as much as I do! Today’s review from the Influenster Poppy Voxbox is the Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion.

It’s designed to be applied after using and rinsing off your normal bath soap, and then it says to also rinse off the lotion. Seems quite counterintuitive if you ask me.

It certainly looks (and feels) like lotion
But the important question is–does it work?

I don’t have any before and after photos of this one because I hadn’t shaved my legs for a few days–not that my camera would’ve picked up much anyway.

As someone who doesn’t normally use body lotion but really ought to, I will say that my skin felt dramatically more moisturized after my shower. I didn’t feel the need to put lotion on like I normally do (and then proceed to not put lotion on)

Does it work better than just putting lotion on? Probably not. But for some people it may be easier to remember to moisturize as another step in their shower routine rather than have to remember after getting out of the shower.

My one concern about is the amount of fragrance I’m smelling from this product. Most of it smells exactly like all the other Nivea products my mom was using in the 90s. And then there’s an extra purfume-y scent (my unsophisticated nose can’t be more descriptive than that, sorry!) hanging over. When skincare products smell like that I am wary of any drying effects it can have.

Conclusion: I like the concept of an in-shower lotion because it seems more convenient than having remember to put lotion on separately after showering and before dressing. Having it as part of the shower routine will certainly help people like me remember to do it more often (which my skin probably needs!). However, I think I have to explore my concerns about the fragrance a little more. In other words, I will probably need to use this stuff a few more times before I can tell if the fragrance may be contributing drying effects or not. Stay tuned!


*Disclaimer: I received this product for free for testing and review purposes. All opinions are my own*


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