I Gave Stitch Fix a Second Chance! (VIDEO + Try-On)

“I’ll try anything twice,” said a wise blogger I used to follow. As I try new products and services I try to have the mentality that first impressions aren’t everything. When an opportunity comes up to give something a second try that won’t greatly inconvenience me in some way, I have been known to throw my hands in the air and say “why the heck not?”

After leaving feedback on my last fix on StitchFix’s website, a customer representative reached out to me apologizing for the fix and offering to send another fix with the $20 styling fee waived.

“Why the heck not?”

Besides the feedback from last time I didn’t leave any additional information for my stylist Danielle as my needs and requests remained the same: clothes to wear in clinic and for performances.

The box she sent was greatly improved upon the first one. I made an unboxing and try-on video (unboxing starts at 1:41, try-on at 5:45), check it out below:

High-res pics of the clothes after the jump!


  • Romolo Montana Starburst Necklace | $34: Really loving this and will most likely keep it. It is a versatile piece that can be worn with many colors and styles of outfits, dressed up and down. It’s pretty but not plain, delicate but also a bit edgy. I think that the fact that its a little heavier and has a solid chain sets it apart in my mind from something that I could find at say, Target or H&M.



  • Pixley Ellie Printed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse | $48: Love love love the print on this one. It’s a light gray design against an off-white background, which keeps the whimsical pattern subtle if you don’t want it to be too obvious in a professional setting. It was surprisingly not that see-through. I was not a big fan of the sleeves. I felt like they were a little too voluminous given how loose the rest of the shirt was. I also didn’t feel like the draping on the sleeves or their longer length suited by short arms well.



  • 41Hawthorn Abriana Longsleeve Knit Cardigan | $38: I could not get over how much I disliked the color on this one. It was a weird in-between shade of teal and green that I associate with an older generation in another era (no offense to anyone from those eras, but it just doesn’t seem current to me). Besides the color, I’m not sure that the cut of the cardigan was very flattering on me. It was a good price for a cardigan though, many of which run into $40’s and $50’s these days.



  • Rune Porter Legging | $44: Didn’t even bother trying these on. They felt exactly the same as leggings I’ve bought at Nordstrom for a fraction of the cost (even at regular price!) . While I appreciate that they tried to keep the price of the items low, I didn’t appreciate that they were suggesting that leggings were an ok thing to wear in a professional setting, esp because they didn’t include any items that would cover up the behind (which is the only possible way to make leggings acceptable in a professional setting).


  • Papermoon Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse | $38: I thought the design on this shirt was cute and stylish…but on another person rather than myself. These just didn’t work for my chunky arms. I was pleasantly surprised that they sent a petite-sized item, as it shows that they’re taking my size into consideration.


Price List and Style Cards (click for full size):


Final Thoughts:

Overall, I felt like this was a marked improvement over the last box. They seemed to listen to what I had to say and overall I liked the stuff a lot more than last time. I will probably keep the necklace for sure. With the $20 styling credit, it will only come out to $14. Would I pay $34 for it? Maybe not, but that’s more a commentary on my own bargain spending habits than what I think the item is worth.

I will consider trying Stitch Fix again in the future if I have an event I need an outfit for. At this point in my life, my student budget is still not able to afford having this be a regular thing. But, I look forward to working with more fixes in the (maybe far) future!



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