I Tried Stitch Fix! (VIDEO Unboxing + Try-On)

I was first introduced to Stitch Fix a couple years ago by a friend who was a new mom at the time. She loved that it challenged her to try new things, renewed her wardrobe for her post-baby body, and spared her of attempting to go shopping with baby in tow. Since then a few other (non-mother) friends have tried it, all with mixed results.

In deciding whether I wanted to try it for myself, I spent the last couple years watching many, many unboxing videos on YouTube. I’ve probably heard every kind of positive and negative critiques out there at this point from both friends and strangers on the internet. After all that I came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t try it unless I could do so for free.

I finally relented this month when my bank offered a promotion to waive the styling fee.

The Deets:

Stitch Fix is a styling service in the form of a subscription box. Frequency of subscriptions ranges from every 2 weeks to every 3 months. You can also request a box at any point in time.

After filling out a style profile asking about your likes, dislikes, needs, and price points, you are matched up with a stylist that picks out 5 items for your box. After your box arrives, you have 3 days to try everything on and send anything back that you don’t like in a prepaid shipping envelope. You pay a $20 styling fee upfront which is applied toward purchase of the items. If you purchase all 5 items, you get a 25% discount off the total.

Your box of items comes with a personal note from your stylist and style cards with ideas of how to wear the items.


I got around to filming an unboxing and try-on video that I am every excited to show you guys! (Unboxing starts at 2:47, try-on starts at 9:20)

(High-res photos of the items after the jump)

The goods:

Stella & Ruby Roko Crystal Bib Necklace | $44 | Returned: Way too expensive for the quality (or lack thereof) of this piece.


Kaileigh Lieberman Lace Inset Blouse | $48| Returned: The off-placement of the arm holes and the mismatched color of the lace were enough to put me off of it.


41Hawthorn Woodling Faux Leather Detail Blouse | $58| Returned: Probably my favorite item in the box, and would’ve considered keeping if the fabric was of higher quality. Instead it was a sheer polyester that wrinkled easily. Not worth $58 by a long shot. The irony is that this is the only item that my stylist did not mention in her note. Was it an afterthought/filler item? If so, it was a pretty good one!


Loveappella Pana Pointelle and Lace Knit Top | $48| Returned: The boxy/verging on trapeze silhouette just didn’t work for me. The lace was sturdy and of good quality, but I didn’t like the straight across cut over the chest.


Erica Taylor Karen Printed Straight Leg Pant | $88| Returned: It’s very difficult for me to call these pants as they don’t have any of the things I think pants ought to have. And I refuse to pay $88 for a pair of leggings, no matter how comfortable they are.


If the prices cost about half what they did, I could imagine myself keeping the entire box. I would definitely have a use for each of these items in my personal and professional life, even if there are little things about them I didn’t like. These are all items that are right up my alley style-wise, and I think my stylist did a great job of reading through my profile and selecting things that I would pick out for myself. Many people do not have such luck on the first try and end up going through a few boxes before their stylist really gets in sync with them.

HOWEVER, I simply cannot afford to spend this kind of money on clothes on a student budget. I can imagine that, in a future where I have less time and/or more disposable income, having a stylist pick out things like this for me would be an excellent investment of my money.

Conclusion? Great for moms and busy professionals would wouldn’t otherwise have the time to shop for themselves, but just not practical for students.

To try Stitch Fix yourself, click here!




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