HOW TO: Add extra holes to a belt!

One of my goals for the new year is to be less wasteful — buy fewer things, but also throw away fewer things.

Last year I was thisclose to throwing away one of my favorite leather belts that had stretched out beyond use, when I came across a blog post on DIY leather hole punching. When it comes to fashion, I am not big on DIY because I am no good with a needle and thread or sewing machine. But this seemed so easy even I could do it.

The method uses just a few simple tools for professional-looking results. Check out the video below for a live demo!



Source: Amazon

At the time of writing, these handy little punches I used in the video are less than $5 for the set! Much cheaper than buying a new leather belt!

As mentioned in the video, I recommend using this method for belts, as well as straps on purses. This is especially useful for very short or very tall women that purse straps often are disproportionate for. Years ago I was gifted a crossbody purse that I ended up throwing out because the buckle strap was too long on my frame. If only I’d known about this method back then!

Here’s to a more sustainable 2017! What are your goals for this new year?



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