DEAL ALERT: Girlfriend Collective Leggings (Video + Try-on!)

UPDATE: Girlfriend Collective has officially ended their giveaway campaign as of 2/4/17. However, they will be launching their full line in the next few months, so stay tuned for more awesome and ethical athletic wear!!!

Free things are the heart language of any student. So when I saw this Facebook ad for free leggings, I was naturally curious.

Girlfriend Collective is a Seattle-based company started by couple Ellie and Quang Ding, who collectively have experience in both fashion design and fashion business. Mr. and Mrs. Dinh set out to create eco-friendly and ethically-made activewear that would be comparable in quality to high-end athletic brands without the high price tag. To kickstart the brand, they are offering a promotion for their first product, a pair of full-length black leggings.

Among their claims include:

  • The fabric used in these leggings is made from recycled water bottles. Along with being environmentally friendly, this method gives the fabric a smooth feel and makes it hardier against shearing and piling.
  • The leggings are manufactured in Hanoi, Vietnam, in a factory that pays fair wages.
  • The cut has been meticulously designed to flatter many body types
  • Rather than spend tons of money on marketing and advertising, they have instead elected to give away the leggings for free, hoping to gain customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising in doing so.

But, as most people knows that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. So what’s the catch?

For this promotion, the leggings are being shipped directly from the Hanoi factory. In exchange for the leggings, the company asks that you pay the shipping fee to wherever you are. In the US, this ends up being around $20. They also ask that you help spread the word: tell your friends and family, post on social media, write blogs (ok so that part wasn’t specifically mentioned, but here I am doing my duty anyway :D)

Due to the understandably high demand for anything free, there is a wait to receive these, averaging about a couple months. By the time I received mine in the mail I’d almost forgotten about them.

I filmed a short first impressions video to show it all off (skip to 3:08 for the try-on portion):

There are some snapshots of the included materials (click for full size images):

It has now been a few weeks and I’ve worn these leggings several more times. I can attest that they’ve only gotten more comfortable with every wear, naturally stretching out a little more each time. They wash and dry well, and don’t bleed color.

I’ve worn them running and they provide great insulation without being bulky. They feel very smooth against the skin and I hardly notice they’re even on.

In the beginning I also had issues with the waist rolling down whenever I’d bend or squat down. This has also been happening less frequently, presumably due to the waistband being better fit to my body with more wears.

Although they are still a little long on me, they scrunch up around the ankles nicely and don’t flop around. The additional length also gives me the option to wear them over the foot for added traction in barefoot activities.

Final thoughts:

The company estimates that these leggings will retail for about $50-$60 when the company eventually launches. Due to the quality and comfort of the product, this seems very reasonable to me, especially when comparing the price of similar products from other brands. As a bargain hunter and a student, however, I still probably wouldn’t pay full price for these, but that’s more a reflection of my own behaviors rather than the product itself.

This promotion is expected to end when the company officially launches, estimated to be in the beginning of 2017. If this first taste of the brand is anything to go by, I think Girlfriend Collective will be a hit in the athletic wear world.

If you are in need of a nice pair of plain athletic leggings, I’d suggest taking advantage of this deal ASAP before you are shelling a lot more money to get your hands on this product.

To get your own pair of “Free” leggings, click here!


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