Sample Sunday: Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

This week’s Sample Sunday will unfortunately not feature any demos as I am currently in the middle of moving and am unable to film/photograph anything. Instead, I decided to write about a product I tried just a couple months back. Hope to be back up to speed by next week!

Source: Nordstrom

Ah, the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. The Rolls-Royce of makeup primers–even its packaging exudes luxury. Beauty mavens have raved about this product for years about its unparalleled quality and performance. Naturally, I was curious. However, at $54 a pop, I wasn’t willing to purchase it before trying it out, no matter how many great reviews I heard.

I headed down to my local Sephora to grab a sample. Although I am a purveyor of all free stuff, I especially recommend getting take-home samples for skincare products, as their effects are harder to assess from a single use in the store.

The Sephora associate that assisted me warned me against using too much product at once, as it can actually be detrimental to its priming abilities. Used sparingly, I had enough product to try it out for a solid week, using my normal makeup routine so I could compare directly with my usual primer, the Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer.

The results:

There was a little bit of trial and error involved when it came to figuring out the right amount of product to use, but I think I had it down by the end of the week. Even then, however, I did not notice a difference in performance over the Smashbox primer.

Both help the makeup last about 10-12 hours on my skin. Both are oil-free and don’t irritate my skin. Both have a nice texture and feel like they are hydrating. Maybe it’s that my skin type (normal to dry) is not the best match for this product. Or maybe it’s that the Smashbox primer already works so well so a upper limit has been reached.

One thing that I do appreciate about the Hourglass primer is the fact that it has SPF 15. My Asian skin is prone to hyperpigmentation from sun exposure, so I really should be wearing sunscreen every day (I don’t *hangs head in shame*). Having sunscreen in a product I would already be using makes it easy to remember.

The verdict:

If I were to purchase this product, I would essentially be choosing it over the Smashbox solely for the added SPF. Paying an extra $12 for sunscreen just doesn’t seem like a great deal, especially when there are other primers out there with SPF for a lot less. I may return to this one in the future, but for now, I’ll pass.


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