ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

Just a quick post this morning to inform everyone of Modcloth’s Stylish Surprise sale! A few times a year, Modcloth will offer several categories of surprise items at a greatly discounted price. All you do is choose the category and size!

Dresses go for $20, Apparel (can be coats, tops, or bottoms) go to $15, and shoes go for $10. There was also a home/apartment category that I missed out on (it was sold out within minutes of the sale launch!). Sometimes, there is also an accessory category, although I didn’t see that this time. Be aware that all sales are final. If something doesn’t work out for you, you may consider selling it to other users or giving it to a friend!

This time around I ordered two apparel items and one pair of shoes. When the shipment comes, I’ll do an unboxing to show you what I got!


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