Trunk Club #3: Better and Better (VIDEO + Try On!)

I think this trunk came even faster than #2, so thanks to Kristy for really being on her game! I am starting the school year soon, so this time I asked her to focus on things I could wear to class, especially versatile pieces that I could just throw on without having to give too much thought to styling/matching. During the school year, the less time I spend on picking out my clothes, the better.

Try-on pics after the jump!

The stuff:

Paige “Transcend-Verdugo” Crop Skinny Jeans (Midlake) $169: The fabric on these was super stretchy and soft. They fit well, were the right length, and were very comfortable, except for one little pet peeve: the rise on them is more of a low-mid rise, and I prefer/have gotten used to wearing mid-high rises.

Madewell “Ex-Boyfriend – Barlow Plaid” Cotton Shirt $82: I really loved the pattern on this shirt and zoomed in for you to see. Overall the quality and weight were decent but the sleeves were still long and the fit was just a little too boxy for my taste.


Treasure&Bond Plaid Cotton Shirt $79: I enjoyed the summer weight on these and liked the length, but still felt like it was too boxy on me. Sleeves were also way too long.


Treasure&Bond Slim Cotton Denim Button Up $69: This was definitely my favorite item in the box. The fit is much more feminine without being tight. The spacing of the buttons is strategically placed to minimize gapping around the chest. I appreciate the longer length that can be worn with leggings. The sleeves were a skosh long but not too bad. Am strongly considering keeping especially given how long I’ve been searching for a denim shirt.


Madewell Long Sleeve Slub Crewneck Tee $32: A good quality basic that fits and looks great. Would’ve kept if I didn’t already own something almost exactly like it (even down to the back seam that I mentioned in the video!)


Madewell Garment Dyed Skinny Jeans $128: I liked the color on these and how they complimented a lot of the items in the box. The fit was decent, but they didn’t have as much stretch to them as the other jeans and were a little tight in the thighs. I didn’t really like the suede-like finish and they were too long on me.


Chelsea28 Pleated Hem Sweater $89: Love the back of this, but the front left something to be desired (and that thing is a better fit!). As suspected, the split back makes the rest of it too boxy/trapeze-y for my figure.


cupcakes and cashmere “Matthews” Front Twist Tank $70: This was surprisingly not as see-through as I thought it would be. However, it was just “meh” overall and not worth spending $70 for.


Vince Cuff Sleeve Cocoon Tee $115: I actually liked this a lot more than I thought I would. The problems with this are 1) the obvious thinness (failing the trusty black bra test!), and 2) the high crewneck. I think this shirt could have a lot of potential as a v-neck or scoopneck.


Topshop Faux Leather Biker Jacket $90: This jacket fit me as well as most leather jackets do: not very well. Shoulders too rounded, arms too tight, sleeves too long. One of the things I really like about the leather jacket I own is the tapering on the sleeves, which is not seen on most “biker” styles (including this one).


Toms “Desert” Wedge Bootie $88.95: These were pretty cute and comfortable but I still wish the toe was just a little more pointed. The rounded toe makes them look like wedge sneakers, which I think is more casual than this shoe is trying for.

BP. ‘Trolley’ Bootie $99.95: In the video I said these were brown but upon further inspection, they are actually more grey. The biggest issue with these was that they were way more uncomfortable than the pair I received last time (in black). The arch support wasn’t really there and the front shaft ridge kept digging into my leg when walking. Maybe the perforated styles are made slightly differently than the original?

The verdict:
I really like a lot of the stuff in this box! The price points are closer to what I’m comfortable with and the fit on Kristy’s choices is getting better and better overall. I am still deciding on a couple of things to keep so if you guys have any opinions please let me know in the comments!

With school starting I may take a little bit of a break from Trunk Club after this one until I get settled in and figure out my finances and schedule. Hope to get back on it within the next couple months, so stay tuned!


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