Trunk Club Unboxing! (Video + Review)

Source: Trunk Club

Several of my friends use the styling service Stitch Fix, which has provided them some beautiful wardrobe pieces as well as a fun monthly diversion.

I love to shop, but I also like the idea of having someone else pick out clothes and send them to me to try on in the comfort of my own home. I want to push myself to try new things I may otherwise pass over in the store.

Not having a steady source of income, I passed on Stitch Fix and the $20 styling fee they charge each month (which is applied toward purchase of the clothes they send). I intended to use this service for refreshing my wardrobe and for once-in-a-while special occasions. For people like me, there is Trunk Club.

Trunk Club is a styling service founded in 2009 just serving men’s fashion. In 2015, they were acquired by Nordstrom and expanded to serve women as well. Because the clothes come from the same suppliers as Nordstrom, the prices can be a bit higher than other styling services. However, it also means you get Nordstrom-quality clothing. As an extra bonus, if the item is on sale at Nordstrom, Trunk Club will honor the sale price.

When you sign up for Trunk Club, you are assigned a stylist that can be reached via phone or message. After getting an initial idea about your style, they will pick out around 10 items for your first trunk. Every trunk needs to be previewed and approved by you before it gets sent. Although you have the option of removing things from the trunk, I left mine as is in the spirit of trying unfamiliar things. For the fashion cautious, your stylist will also include some suggested outfits for the items.

There is a one-time $25 deposit that you pay with your first trunk, which will be applied towards anything you purchase. After that, the service is completely free: no minimum purchase or minimum frequency.

After the trunk is delivered you have 10 days to try everything on and send what you don’t want back, and at that point your credit card gets charged for what you keep. The box comes with a prepaid return label and sealing tape for easy returns – just drop it off at your local UPS store or schedule a pickup from your house.

My stylist, Kristy, called and chatted with me about my lifestyle, style preferences, and fashion needs. I had 3 categories of “needs”: clothes to wear to class (and still look put together), clothes for a cappella performances, and clothes to switch up my style.

I decided to dip my toes into the world of vlogging to show you guys the clothes (although I’m not quite ready to do a try-on…maybe next time :D)

Here’s what I got!

  1. Paige ‘Manhattan’ Boot Cut Jeans (Janson) | $205: These were super comfortable and soft but they were about 5 inches too long. Although I get most of my pants hemmed these were already so expensive I didn’t want to have to pay an extra cost. There’s actually a dark wash version of this jean available right now during Anniversary Sale, on sale for $129.90, and they have petite lengths available!
  2. Caslon 3/4 Sleeve V-neck Cardigan | $44.25 (orig. $59): I prefer v-neck cardigans to crewneck but the material on this was very scratchy.
  3. TopShop Floral Palm Double Strap Camisole | $45: I loved the print and the strappy detail, but the straps were just a little too long for my frame.
  4. Halogen 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan |  $46: Even though this was a crewneck, I really like the silhouette. Ironically, I have purchased this in another color for my mom. Although this was a close one, I decided to send it back because it was a little too thin to be used for most of the year.
  5. Madewell “Whisper’ Cotton V-neck Pocket Tee | $19.50: I actually have owned this shirt in another color, but I like the olive color she picked out for me. She size she chose was too large so I asked for this one in a smaller size and other colors.
  6. Treasure&Bond Batik Washed Fringe Scarf | $48: I really liked this and considered keeping it, but in the end I sent it back because it had too much olive in it to be able to wear with my increasingly olive closet.
  7. Eliza J Lace Fit & Flare Dress | $158: I love love loved the top on this…but the bottom was disappointing. It was more fitted through the hips than the standard fit and flare dress, more of a trumpet silhouette…not a good look on me.
  8. L’Agence Sophie High Rise Flare Jeans (Authentique) | $240: Same issue with the other jeans…about 5 inches too much material.
  9. Jeffrey Campbell ‘Cors’ Suede Peep Toe Bootie | $164.95: These were super cute and fabulous, and surprisingly comfortable given all the pressure points caused by the laces. However, because they have the natural colored sole, I wouldn’t be able to wear them for performances, and for me, the price is just a little too high for a casual shoe. Also, as I mentioned in the video, where I live its too cold most of the year for sandals, so I just wouldn’t get much use out of them.

Note: The Vince Camuto dress I got was an error (I should’ve been tipped off by the fact that it was size 1x!), so that’s getting sent back automatically.

Just because I’m not keeping anything doesn’t mean this trunk was a complete loss. All the feedback left about the items gives your stylist a better chance of hitting it out of the park next time. After receiving feedback, many stylists will send a follow up trunk with alternate sizes and colors to get the perfect fit.

As you can see, the prices ranged from $19.50-$240, which is just around where I wanted her to stay (I asked for things on the less expensive side, but was okay with pricier things in case they turned out to be amazing).

I think Kristy did an excellent job for someone who only has a little bit of self-reported information to go off of, and who doesn’t even know what I look like. You can tell that she did a great job of listening to me but also has a real eye for what is current and relevant.

If you’d like to try Trunk Club, please use my referral link and you’ll be assigned to Kristy too!


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