Review: Foreo Luna Mini

Source: Foreo

You can get the Luna and Luna Mini at a rare discount during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which goes until 8/7! Hurry and get yours soon as they are already selling out (looks like the pink color I own is already gone)!

I have normal to dry skin that is prone to dry patches and breakouts, so it very important to me to keep my skin clean and hydrated. For years I used makeup remover sheets out of convenience, but found that they were harsh on my skin, and often required 2-3 sheets to get everything off. I recently decided it was time to invest in skincare tools.

Having heard about the Clarisonic series for years, I had my heart set on getting one until I did a little research online. Review after review complained about the damaging harshness of the bristles and the high cost of replacement brushes. Safety and price both being priorities for me, I set out to find a better alternative.

Enter the Foreo Luna. This little disk-shaped device is way more than meets the eye. It uses sonic vibrations applied to silicone bristles to blast and scrub away skin impurities, cleaning away makeup as well as dirt and oil. Foreo has a few different models that have varying kinds of bristles, speeds, and other features. I chose the Luna Mini due to its size and price point. It measures about 3 inches in diameter and half an inch in depth. It has two speeds and two sizes of bristles distributed on a flat side and a convex side. Just like the Mia, the Luna Mini is is used in conjunction with your favorite facial cleanser, and can be used in the shower.

A summary of the advantages of the Luna vs. Clairsonic Mia

  1. Silicone brushes: The Mia uses nylon brushes, which are harsher on the skin and also more bacteria-prone over time, creating the need to replace heads as often as every 3 months. The silicone brushes are gentle enough that the Luna Mini can be used multiple times a day (I use it twice), whereas the Clairsonic is recommended to be used only a few times a week.
  2. Battery life: Clairsonic users report having to charge the device every couple uses, whereas the Lunas can last months on one charge. I have been using mine twice a day for a month and it’s still on the charge it came in the box with.
  3. Price: The Luna Mini, which has 2 speeds, is comparable to the Mia 2, but at a much lower price (The Mia 2 retails for $170, but does include a tube of cleanser, while the Luna Mini retails for $99). The price of a Clairsonic compounds when you consider the cost of replacement brush heads, which retail for about $27 each.
  4. Size: The Mia is much larger and heavier than the Luna Mini, the Luna is the clear favorite for traveling. Plus, due to its battery life you won’t have to pack the Luna’s charger (even though its just a small USB cable anyhow).


After your eye makeup has been removed, wet the face and apply your favorite facial cleanser (right now I’m going back and forth between Origins Checks and Balances and Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser). The instructions warn against using exfoliating cleansers, mostly because the scrubbing beads get stuck between the bristles and can cause buildup.

When you turn on the Luna Mini you can press once for the faster speed and twice for the slower speed. You will feel a strong pulse every 15 seconds to move on to the next section of the face, and three strong pulses after 1 minute to signify the end, although it will stay on until you turn it off. I divide my face up into these 4 sections: Right cheek/jawline, left cheek/jawline, forehead, and nose/lips/chin. I use large circular motions to make sure I cover the entire surface, using the stronger bristles on the back for problem areas. Afterwards, just rinse and dry off the face, and clean off the Luna Mini with some antibacterial soap.


I felt a difference in my skin after just the first use. Right after cleansing, my skin had a slight pink glow from the abrasion, but it felt so, so smooth. A quick wipe from a makeup remover sheet revealed that the Mini had done it’s job: cleaned off all my makeup in one go. Over the next few weeks I saw my skin improving: fewer dry patches, fewer blemishes. Even the breakouts I had were fading more quickly. I love using it in the morning to set up a smooth canvas to apply makeup. And yes, makeup is going on more easily and I don’t have to worry about pesky dry patches making an appearance.

Although I have not tried the Clarisonic Mia, I think that buying the Foreo Luna Mini was a solid decision. Although I can infer that the Mia comes in handy for those deep cleanses you want every once in a while, it doesn’t seem to be as sound of an investment as the Foreo Luna Mini.

For those that aren’t ready to commit to the price, there’s always the entry-level Luna Play, retailing at $39. Do note that this is a limited-use product that is only good for as long as the nonchargeable battery lasts (est. 100 uses)


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