Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Source: Nordstrom

As a budget-conscious shopper, I am one of those people that almost never pays full price for clothing. But, as many people who regularly peruse sale racks know, the stuff that gets left over is usually there for a reason.

The annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a must-see for style-conscious bargain hunters. Unlike most sales that discount clothing at the end of a season, this one offers the sale for the current/future season. Thus, one can avoid three of the biggest issues surrounding traditional sale merchandise: limited sizes, limited color options, and out of style clothing,. At least at the beginning of the sale, all colors and sizes of an item will be in stock. No digging through different styles of jeans for one that has your size available, or having to settle for black when you really wanted grey. In addition, almost everything in the sale is newly released merchandise for Fall 2016.

No, you’re not going to find rock-bottom clearance prices at this sale (discounts run around 25%-40% off), but think of it as the one sale this year that you should budget to splurge on.

The sale has started in-store and online for Nordstrom Credit and Debit cardholders, but will be open to the general public from July 22nd – August 7th.

UPDATE: product reviews of the things I bought from the sale!


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